My personal experiences within the Family Court.

Updated: Nov 17, 2020

I thought I would let you all know that I truly understand the difficulties faced when going through any Family Law Court process, bot financially and emotionally.

Sometimes and in my experience mothers a great deal of time, are advised correctly that if they state that there was domestic abuse in the relationship then she automatically gets legal aid and therefore does not have to pay for representation in court. This is clearly excellent news if they really were in an abusive relationship as they deserve all the help they can get, but what if they are lying in order to get free legal aid representation in court.

Domestic violence and abuse - Citizens Advice

This actually happened to my own son, his ex-partner made several allegations against him in order to try and stop him having contact with his child, she had another partner in her life and did not see the necessity of her son continuing to have contact with his father and paternal family. But to those of you who are having unfounded allegations against you please do not despair as in my sons’ case the mother, simply told so many lies in court she got confused and her evidence was proven to be un creditable, and the allegations against my son were quashed.

Be truthful and transparent, the truth will come out.

My son like many other fathers was in the position that he had to make an application to Family Court, thankfully he was on the birth certificate as I had already explained to him the importance and he already had PR, therefore he was able to make the application directly to the court. But because his ex-had a solicitor because of the lies she told. My son had to represent himself. However, he did not understand the Family Court Procedure as many people do not, therefore I stepped in as I have a background of Social Work and I was able to put together his case, or he would not have known where to start. I was able to assist and prepare him on the Family Court Procedure. Another solution of you have limited funds would be to apply for a Pro Bono Lawyer, although there may sometimes be a waiting list, if they agree to represent you, this will not cost you anything.

Finding legal help - National Pro Bono Centre

Just remember to be truthful and transparent, the truth will. come out.

Deborah Harry will be able to assist you to prepare for family court

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