When Lockdown is dangerous!

So the government have told us to stay at home on lockdown, for many of us this is a safe place, but there has been a frightening amount of domestic abuse cases reported, since Lockdown, this could be physical, emotional, financial and psychological along with threats and intimidation.

Domestic violence involves a pattern of psychological, physical, sexual, financial and emotional abuse. Acts of assault, threats, humiliation, and intimidation are also considered acts of violence. Many agency's are shut and only offer phone advice, or they may be so inundated with calls someone desperate to get help often, then because of this there are not as many safe places to escape to should they want to.

Many people who have been abused by their partner often believe that they are responsible for adding to their perpetrator's stress level and causing the abuse, without the services of support many people choose to stay rather than escalate the risk by trying to leave; without full services this is happening more and more.

The Covid crisis has not created an epidemic of Domestic Abuse, however it has certainly made the abuse worsen throughout the UK, simply because of lack of open services. https://www.theguardian.com/society/2020/aug/17/domestic-abuse-surged-in-lockdown-panorama-investigation-finds-coronavirus

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